June 22, 2017 Meeting 


Simms Space 


Matt Biggs


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Matt Biggs talked about his modern co-working concept brought to life in Albuquerque downtown. Although this concept is use in big cities like New York, Denver, Chicago, or Boston, Biggs had a better version for this city’s entrepreneurs. 



It wasn't necessarily needed for the city of Albuquerque. Downtown has a 40% office vacancy rate, so there is a lot of rental space for offices. Amazingly, that is where the development of Simms Space began.


Since this concept wasn't a necessity the owners decided to fully customize Simms Space to their liking. Luckily their taste seemed to fit right into the modern world of this business.  

Simms Space is located in the heart of downtown on Gold Ave SW. The seventh floor is where they have decided to establish themselves for the meantime. Its graphics walls and exposed ceilings make this attractive to many workers, especially millennials. Typical offices seem to be boring and "soul sucking", and Simms Space wanted to get as far away from that as possible. 



Typical coworking spaces are popular for freelancers, especially ones in the tech industry, or remote workers. Simms Space is different for having a variety of industries working in the same building. From politicians to programmers, to DJs they're all able to have their own private space to work in Simms Space. Working at home or at a coffee shop can be expensive and distracting, but this coworking space promotes the opposite.



​The floor has a classroom that can be rented seasonally for different events. One example of its use is the current occupancy by a coding camp. There are also many offices within the huge space Simms Space has. They can be assigned to certain workers if they wish, but it is not necessary. There is also a conference room that is constantly used by different members. The best part about this particular room? The conference table turns into a ping pong table. The open spaces, glass fronted offices, and common areas provide a calm yet professional feel. Simms Space includes amenities such as wifi, coffee, fruit water, and even a receptionist who will take your clients to your space. One of the quirkiest features? A Pacman arcade machine. Although parking is an upcharge due to limited space in the Simms Space parking garage, there is a lesser charge if members choose the parking spaces in the lot on 6th Street and Central. The Albuquerque community can all agree, it is truly a one of a kind workspace in the area.