June 16, 2016

Nativo Lodge 11:30 am


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June 16, 2016 Meeting 


The Creative Process —

Thinking Inside and Outside

of the Box

T. Payton

Principal and Creative Director


We're loving our new logo! It is the work of Wendy Spalsbury, T. Payton, and their fabulous team at OneCreative. The firm they founded in 2002 creates Branding, Advertising and Direction for its clients.  Contact them via their website www.onecreative.net, or at 889-9700.


The N-I25 Icon represents “highway” and the coming together of individual businesses in the geographic area to promote and benefit one another. The diamond with the apex pointing up is representative of North on a compass.

How can you be more creative in any business? Our June 16 speaker, T. Payton, will share his insights to show that creativity relates not only to his industry of branding, advertising, and direction. He will explore how you can engage your creative genius to think inside and outside the box in your business and in your life.


Along with Wendy Spalsbury, T. founded OneCreative in 2002. With a background in radio broadcasting and experience as an illustrator in 7th grade art class, T. got into design when a buddy from church asked to borrow his Mac for some Quark XPress work. From that point on he was hooked. Besides concepting and and developing brands, T. serves in the more “geeky” aspects of OneCreative including writing out workflow software, and getting his hands dirty with our many servers. Concepting, shooting and editing are among his current passions. T. is married to Brooke Payton, and has three sons, Jordan, Noah and Andrew.


T. Payton, Wendy Spalsbury and the team at One Creative designed the new North I-25 Business Association logo. They are a member of the North I-25 Business Association.