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February 19, 2015

Nativo Lodge 11:30 am


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Holman's President Anthony Trujillo's experience trying to find a job in New Mexico after graduating UNM 20 years ago fires his 

drive today to get Albuquerque and New Mexico to invest in resident-owned businesses.


Reversing the brain drain was the subtext to Trujillo's presentation about the evolution of his company, Holman's. SB69, "Resident Business Set-Aside Act"  will be considered in the current NM Legislative session, proposes steps to address the issue.


Holman's business is focused in four areas:

1. Retail Store - Books and maps

2. Measurement Technology Division

3. Enterprise Computing Division

4. Holman's Foundation for Autism 


"My passion is for home-grown businesses. We need to help each other out -- private sector to private sector as well as private to public sectors," said Trujillo.


Work to support children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, and to support their families is one of Trujillo's commitments. "Symphony for Autism" is in its second year and Trujillo expects 500 autistic children to attend the May 2015 event.


See the full presentation.

Steve McKee to Speak 

February 19

"It's Not Politics, It's Business"

Competition isn’t limited to the private sector; cities, states, and even nations continually contend with one another for growth and investment. Yet public policy often fails to take the competitive nature of the marketplace into account.


In an especially timely topic given the current legislative session, Steve McKee will share proprietary research from his award-winning book, When Growth Stalls, that illuminates the competitive dynamics that commonly bedevil private companies. He’ll demonstrate how they apply to the public sector and what implications they have for public policy—from the minimum wage to Right-to-Work.


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