December 15, 2016

Nativo Lodge 11:30 am


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December 15, 2016 Meeting 


Honoring The Assistance League of Albuquerque


Mitzi Holmes

Executive Director

Assistance League of Albuquerque

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It's time again for the fun holiday celebration at the North I-25 Business Association. This year we honor the Assistance League of Albuquerque. Mitzi Holmes, Assistance League Executive Director, will inform us about the group's Operation School Bell and how they work with Title I schools. She will share stories from students, parents, and school personnel. Along the way, Holmes will relate the Assistance League's history in Albuquerque.


The gift basket silent auction is an ever-popular feature of the holiday meeting. Be ready to buy your tickets at the meeting. The baskets always contain a delightful selection of goodies and useful items, most featuring New Mexico themes and products. And everyone who buys a ticket will be a winner!


  • 1 ticket for $10
  • 3 tickets for $20
  • 10 tickets for $50


The North I-25 Business Association will match all silent auction proceeds, all for the benefit of the Assistance League, so please plan to be generous!

Mitzi Holmes is Executive Director of the Assistance League of Albuquerque. She will speak at the December 15 meeting.